Friday, February 09, 2007

Root Canals and other medical things

I had my first root canal today. Probably some of you remember that I've been bitching about one of my teeth, one that a few years back, I broke on a piece of gum. I had that fixed, thankfully.

The last filling I got hurt like hell. I think they were afraid to really novacaine me up, since I was with fuzzball, and I almost cried the entire time they were filling it. It sucked. So when they told me that the formerly broken tooth needed a filling, I put it off. Especially since I had no dental.

Since I have dental now, I thought it would be a good time to start up my annual tooth cleanings again, and wasn't suprised to discover that I needed a root canal in that tooth. And another one. I went to a different dentist this time. As I sat in the chair this morning, as the dentist was preparing to numb me, he looked at me and asked if I was nervous. I lied, "a little." He told me not to worry... yeah, I've heard that before.

The drilling started very quickly. He was precise and fast, and the drilling was over in no time. I felt a few twinges here and there, but nothing like when I had my last filling, at the dentist who didn't care about my pain. I decided that I'm in love with my new dentist. I was out of there faster than I ever was for a filling at my last dentist, with a little stub of a tooth that will eventually need a crown put on it.

And I was all worried.


My mom called me the other day at work to inform me that some test results of my dad's showed that he has a possible aneurysm in his brain. Yesterday I took the day off and drove them to UPMC McKeesport to consult with a specialist. Thankfully, the specialist didn't seem too worried, he said that it's probably nothing, so my dad will do a CAT scan on Monday to see what's going on.

All these years I've been telling him to have his head examined. Sheesh.

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