Thursday, January 11, 2007

Walking Baby Blues

Lyric is soon to be 14 months old.

She has not taken a step yet.

People ask me all the time, "is she walking all over the place now?" I, of course, tell them no, that she's not walking yet, that she's taking her good sweet time with learning so that I will continue having to change her diapers until she's in kindergarten.

Often people are amazed that she doesn't walk yet, because you know, some kids start walking right out of the womb.

I often have to gently remind my family and those concerned with the fact that she hasn't started training for marathons yet that she also took her good sweet time coming out of my body. Remember that, people? When I was swollen for months on end and I had a rash and a bad back and peed when I sneezed and my wrists and fingers and ankles and feet and face looked like overstuffed sausages? Yeah, that's what I thought.

I'm not terribly concerned about it, because I know once it happens my world will change. To me, she's still my baby, and because she doesn't walk, it makes her more baby-like. I'm secretly afraid that when she takes that first step, it will be the first step of her independence, when she won't need her mommy as much any more, and we'll be that much closer to her being 15 and slamming her bedroom door in my face after telling me that she's a Republican and blaring loud terrible pop music.

That's when I'll be wishing she'd pierce her nose and shave her hair into a mohawk.

In conclusion: walking... overrated.

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