Friday, January 05, 2007

Rocky the Wonder Pup

Ok, ok... so he's not THAT bad. It seems like it took a post on my blog bitching about him for him to turn around. Seriously... in like a day, he's gotten better. And sweeter. Sure, he's still nipping my ankles from time to time, but hey, he's a pup.

Last night we took him to the vet. He's perfectly healthy, and he got his first round of shots. Later on last evening, I was lounging on the couch, and he crawled up beside me, curled up, and passed out. It was nice to have a furry friend to cuddle with.

I think what was perturbing me most about Rocky, was that I wasn't feeling the bond with him that I've had with dogs in the past. This morning I went downstairs to let him out of his crate, and I realized that at some point last night before Ryan locked him in, he had taken one of my clean shirts off of the drying rack into his crate to curl up with. You might think that I'd be pissed about that, but I actually found it pretty endearing... he wanted his mama close.


Yep, he got me on that one. We're buds now.

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