Monday, November 13, 2006

Now that she's a child of GOD...

My baby was christened yesterday. Yes, my baby. Christened. Into the Christian religion. Weird, you think? Two agnostic parents agreeing to baptize their child? Yep, and I'll tell you why we did it.


My parents were born and raised Catholics, but they aren't even vaguely religious. They stopped going to church long ago, before they even sent me and my brother to 9 years of Catholic school. But they bothered me until I was half crazy to get my child baptised, they didn't care where damnit just as long as she got some holy water dumped on her head in front of a congregation of strangers.

So yesterday we finally took that step. It wasn't so bad, even though I had dreaded it for the past week. She looked all pretty and fluffy in her white dress. And the funniest part? They forgot the holy water, so she got the holy tap water from a holy plastic pitcher.

It was a country church.

Ryan and I were both baptized as babies, so I guess it's only fair that she is too.

Pictures of her in her fluffy dress to come.

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