Thursday, December 15, 2005

How about some cheese with that…

Ok, I feel like a giant whiner after that last post. It’s not that bad. Really. I mean, sometimes it feels that bad, just because I’m either full of hormones or the baby demon won’t stop screaming, but I think we’re getting there. It’s just a matter of wondering if we’re doing things right or not. But she seems to be living, so I think things are good. She even gives us some smiles every once in a while, if you can believe that. Maybe that means she likes us! But don’t think that I think this sucks in any way. It’s just an adjustment, and we’re getting there.

We’re offically house hunting. We’re going through a whole lot of crap with the people that own the place that we live in (they’re assholes) so we’re leaving. That means that probably by the end of February we’ll be homeless. Well, unless we find a house by then that we can move into. If not, we’ll be staying at Ryan’s mom’s house. Which scares me a little, but thankfully, they’re not there for the time being. That’s another long story, but it has to do with Ryan’s mom’s various illnesses. But I’m looking forward to getting our own house that we can do whatever we want with.

I’m hungry. That’s amazing. My appetite is finally somewhat returning. For a couple weeks there I had no urge to eat. Which was really strange, considering that I could have eaten the ass end of a dead rhino the entire time I was pregnant. But it feels good not to be so dependent on food all the time.

In other news, Ryan made a trip to the hospital yesterday. He has acid reflux and sometimes it closes his esophagus off, depending on what he eats. He ate one piece of steak and that was it. We’re seriously considering becoming vegetarians, because it only happens when he eats meat. I’m not sure if I can give up chicken though.

The beast is waking… excuse me.

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(Yeah, this beast. We were talking politics when I snapped this picture. She’s telling me her thoughts on the Iraqi elections here.)

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