Friday, June 25, 2004

This isn't really a blog about squirrels...

I fed my animals in the yard this morning and sat on my porch and drank coffee. It was nice and warm and breezy. The squirrels and chipmunks and birds had a nice breakfast. I saw a squirrel act aggressive, I think. He saw me on the porch, and ran at the other squirrel to chase her away from the tree (I think he thought I was threatening her) and ran up the tree, puffed up his tail and kind of bounced up and down like he was humping the side of the tree while he looked at me. I waved. The other squirrel just sat under the other tree and continued eating. The chipmunk peeked out from under the shed to see what was going on. I've discovered that I have to feed the animals early in the morning, cause if I do it in the afternoon, later on raccoons come out and eat the food. And raccoons are not very nice sometimes. My husband yelled at me last night cause when he got home (at about 10) there was a raccoon in the yard. Oops. But that explains the strange screechy noises I've heard a couple times at night. Raccoons being jerks. And it also explains what got into my garbage.
Then I drove to my mom's to drop off my garbage and on my way back I stopped by a little pond full of geese. There were about 30 of them, with little fuzzy babies. And a big white goose, who looked like he was in charge. It made me smile.
I like animals. I wish I had a petting zoo.

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