Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wrapping my head around it...

So, it took a while this time, but I'm officially out of the first trimester, and dare I say it... I'm ENJOYING being pregnant. That first trimester is rough - mentally and physically. On certain days I had small mental breakdowns. On the other days I just wanted to sleep. Lyric kept me going though. I had moments where I thought - yeah, I DEFINITELY don't want to do this again. I still feel that way - I know this will be my last pregnancy and I'm still totally cool with that. But that's just more reason to sort of savor it this time.

The difference between this pregnancy and the last is that I don't feel so completely alone. Not that I was "alone" last time - I just didn't have anyone to relate to, really. Especially at first. Now I have TONS of mommy friends and it's awesome. Another difference is that it's not a total SHOCKING lifestyle change - Lyric is a great kid, we love having her, and we know she'll be a great big sister. We also have "been there, done that," when it comes to a baby, so it's not nearly as scary. This will be a breeze.

So I've been wrapping my brain around that for the past few months, and kind of loving it.

Also - this kid loves to bounce on my pelvis. *thump*

On the job front - oh, you didn't know there was a job front? Yup. I've been slowly weeding out my part time gig as an instructor - it was getting waaaaaay too stressful. Am I quitting it completely? Well... not yet. The money is nice, especially since my full time job barely pays the bills. And although I used to love my job - I'm really starting to sort of hate it lately. Maybe it's a side effect of pregnancy - or maybe because this week I'll be forced to downgrade my giant desk to a tiny cubicle - ala my old job. There I went from my own office to a desk in the middle of a room with 4 other people. So it's like an evil flashback. That and many other things (lack of a raise, more work, for one) are making me actively start looking at monster.com daily. Although I realize this is a terrible time to switch jobs. So I'll probably start being a little more active towards next January. I dream of having a work from home job. Heaven.

Or being independently wealthy would work too.

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