Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Well lookie here...

The months have seriously been flying by this year - which is actually fantastic for me, because it brings me closer to summer and having a pool in my backyard (yay!) and because I'm PREGGO! Yup, it's in there. The Fetus. The Squirt. The Flutterbutt. I don't have a good name yet. I'm only about 11 weeks, but I feel it moving already, which my midwife said was pretty common the second time around.

This time is much different. Not that I like being pregnant any more this time - I definitely don't. But I'm not oddly depressed. My kid keeps me active, even when I just want to crash on the couch. I'm still not thrilled about my growing body, but I haven't been thrilled with it in a few years, so nothing new there. I just hope I can be as successful this time around shedding weight as I was the first time - and KEEP it off. It was way too easy to gain back 25 pounds after I lost, oh I don't know... 74 pounds?

Another challenge this time is not GAINING 74 pounds. Easier said than done. I'm not exactly sure how I put on that much weight - could have been the daily footlong subs or Panera bread sandwiches AND soup... plus king sized candy bars and daily ice cream. I've been really trying not to do that again and walk a few miles a day. It's just so hard because even as I type this I'm ready to fall asleep.

Oh, and I'm nauseous this time. Not throw up nauseous, just "I feel shitty" nauseous. I didn't experience that at all last time. And my belly has already popped out this time. I'm comfortably wearing my maternity jeans.

Next appointment - May 7th - we should be able to hear Flutterbutt's heartbeat. Hopefully I'll come up with a better name by then.

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