Thursday, May 28, 2009

32 boo hoo hoo

day 1 - 365

Day 1 of 365 - Happy Birthday to me!

My birthday was not all that great yesterday. It started out fantastic, then my husband's grandmother died. She was one of the sweetest little old ladies that I've ever known, so that was a definite bummer - to put it lightly. She and Ryan's grandpa were married somewhere around 60 years, so I'm mostly concerned about him - when you spend that amount of time with someone and one day they're suddenly gone, what do you do?

Couple that with the fact that Lyric puked all over me in a restaurant. I'm not talking about a little baby spit up here, people, I'm talking full fledged projectile vomit. In Rey Azteca, where my mom took us for my birthday dinner.

I was quite ready to have a beer by the time I got home. Unfortunately, me and Papst Blue Ribbon don't get along, and that's all that was in my fridge. I really wanted - and still do - a Corona. And a hammock on the beach. I really had some Calgon take me away moments on my birthday, let me tell you.

On the plus side I did find out that my vision is perfectly 20/20 and my eyes are healing up well. Yay me!

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