Thursday, March 12, 2009

In like a lion, but I'm out like a lamb

Remember how I joined a gym? That’s going pretty well. I’ve neither lost weight nor gained weight, which sucks (the part about not losing, that is). I’ve gotten a little stronger along the way. My legs are definitely a lot stronger. Which is good. I can pick Lyric up and carry her around a little longer, which at 40 pounds, is pretty significant.

This week I’ve been so tired. The time change once again killed me. I’ve been oversleeping, turning off my alarm, all the regular things that happen when my body can’t adjust. I’ve been floating through this day in a sleep deprived haze – I don’t remember feeling this tired since I had Lyric. On Monday I went to the gym and almost died. I couldn’t run. Not sure why – I’ve been working my way up to running for a while now. I listen to podrunner intervals on my ipod, which is fantastic, it’s a great way to build up stamina without pushing yourself too far. Monday (and pretty much every day) my right knee and foot were killing me, and I just couldn’t do it. I haven’t been to the gym since, not because I’ve given up, but because Lyric has been sick, and when she’s sick, it’s all about Mommy – she wants nothing to do with anyone else.

I know I need to go today, but I’m just SO TIRED. I’ve probably yawned 20 times since I started typing this. Gotta wake up... but first, a nap.

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