Thursday, February 19, 2009

Overtime... the benefit of being an hourly employee

Last week, I packed my jet setter self up and headed off to Fort Lauderdale for a long week of work. We had our annual "Leadership" conference for work, and as usual, since I'm not a leader at my job by any means, my department was there for video and photo support. This was my second leadership conference and it probably won't be my last - it's kind of cool being surrounded by the highest executives at my company and being recognized for the behind the scenes stuff that my department takes care of.

You might think one of the downfalls of this is that I'm there to actually work - and by work I mean working intensely - not the normal sitting in front of a computer designing - this entails running around, making sure AV equipment is working, running a video camera, directing cameras from the switcher, making last minute changes to presentations - and getting paid some sweet overtime. I had 37.5 hours of overtime last week. And I got to be in FLORIDA. It was 80 degrees and sunny. I got beers bought for me all week by my bosses. I got to have dinner and drinks on a yacht. I got a free hour massage at the spa at our hotel. Free lunch and dinner all week (and oh my gaaaaaah - it was good food). So there are some definite perks to taking this trip on a yearly basis, regardless of the fact that I'm there to work.

Now that I'm back to the "normal" grind, I've found myself in the odd position of taking over some of the responsiblities of my manager as she heads up another project. This morning I spent a few hours just getting myself organized to actually take on this task. One of my worst traits is that I'm horribly unorganized with my projects - but now, I get to dish them out AND remember who's working on them, when they're due, and follow up on them.

So it's been an interesting few weeks in my work life. Plus I started teaching 2 new online classes today. It's no wonder that Lyric has been running around my in circles screaming, "mama, mama, mama! Look at me! Look at me!" I think she's feeling a little neglected. If only it were a little easier to balance career/motherhood. It would make life a lot less messy.

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