Thursday, September 06, 2007

I quit you...

Or breaking up is easy to do - celebrity edition!

Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger. Next thing you know, it will be Ben Afleck and Jennifer Garner. All these celebrities that have babies that are close to Lyric's age are calling it quits. Just look at Britney.

Raising kids is hard work, granted. It does put a major strain on your relationship, and forever changes things. I'm sure that if Ryan and I were celebrities, we'd be long divorced by now. But we're regular people, sticking it out. So here's what I don't get - why is it so easy for the rich and famous to pull the plug on their relationships? What makes them so emotionally inept? So commitmentally challenged? It's just so hard to understand.

But I guess there are more important things in life. Like who will they date next!

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