Thursday, March 15, 2007

When the lines between work and life get fuzzy...

I’m to the point where I feel that my jobs are taking over my life – and the thing is, I don’t really mind it. For me, it’s work, Lyric, work, Lyric, American Idol, Lyric, Sleep, work, Lyric, work, Lost, Lyric, Sleep. And eating, of course. But that’s getting less and less – still 20 pounds to lose here, people. And Cheesecake Factory Tiramisu cheesecake for breakfast today isn’t helping. But oh well. It’s cool.

Tonight, after work, I have a work related function. I’ll probably get home around 9 or 10, work some more with my class, then go to bed. Back to work in the morning to prepare for our trip – then one day off. Sunday morning we’re leaving at around 8:00 for our flight.

The one great thing is that I love who I work with. My teaching job is cool – but it can be a total pain in the ass. But my normal job is great. And I feel so lucky to have finally found something that I love – a place that I WANT to be – where I don’t feel like I’m neglecting my daughter for being there 40 plus hours a week.

And money is good. A year ago I was struggling to buy groceries. I was homeless, basically – floating between homes. I was miserable, depressed, and felt sorry for myself a lot. I’ve come a long way since then, and believe me, I’m thankful every single day for that.

Now if I could get my husband to the same level, life would be perfect.

Let's end on a note of cuteness:


I heart her.

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